EasyHire.me is integrated with Slack. This integration enables you to configure a slack channel to receive interview reminders and notifications. Follow these 4 steps to integrate EasyHire.me to your Slack account

  • Step 1: Click the “Add to Slack button” in Teams->Settings page
  • Step 2: Confirm the Slack team you want to integrate with
  • Step 3: Once confirmed, configure which notifications will be sent to slack 

Now you can see your interview details, interview schedules, reminders, and notifications in you slack channel. 
The notification options could be configured from Teams->Settings page. The following notifications could be configured to show up in slack channel when: 

  1. An interview is created
  2. Interview details are changed
  3. Interview is confirmed by the applicant
  4. Interview is declined by applicant
  5. Interview is cancelled
  6. On-demand interview is completed by applicant
  7. Feedback is submitted by the interviewer.