1. Go to jobs page and close any old or redundant job openings. Only keep the jobs where you are actively interviewing applicants. 

2. Click on your profile icon on top right and select Profile from the drop down.  This will take you to the profile page 

3. In the profile page, select Billing tab. Add the credit card details. Adding the credit card details here does not start your subscription. You need to select the plan for the subscription to begin.

*Note: Enter the credit card without any space. We are fixing the issue in the display

4. Go to Teams->Plans tab and select the monthly plan. If you would like to have a custom plan, please contact us at "sales@easyhire.me"

5. You can choose the plan and select the credit card. 

One you confirm the plan, your credit card will be charged $50/job/month. Please make sure that you close the jobs that are not relevant (e.g. Sample Job, any old job that you created during the trial period). Your subscription billing cycle starts when you choose the plan. 

The monthly plan is flexible and scales up and down based on the number of open jobs in the billing period. For example, if you have 1 job to start with the first month, you will be billed for only 1 job. The next month, you create 2 more jobs (total of 3 jobs), then you will be billed for 3 jobs. The following month if you close all your jobs, then you will not be billed for that month.