EasyHire.me Supports a Zapier Trigger for Finished Interviews.

Step 0 - Add EasyHire.me App via the following link

Step 1 -  Choose EasyHire.me as the trigger Zapier App.

Step 2. Specified the desired filters for this trigger

  • Min rating (optional) – Only completed interviews with an overall rating higher than this value will trigger an action.
  • Period  period of time in hours since this interview was completed. Zapier will attempt to trigger actions for all interviews completed within this time period. The default value of 48 hours should work in most cases, but may need to be extended to if the Action app requires more time to handle this trigger.



Step 3. Configure the desired Zapier App as an Action for the trigger. Sending an email via Gmail is given as an example:



 Step 4. Finish setting up your new Zap based on EasyHire.me trigger