You can interview candidates in the SmartRecruiters system through the video interview platform.

1. In SmartRectuiters, set up a job and add a candidate.
2. On the candidate's profile page > Assessments section > Video Interview, click Browse.

3. Next to, click Select.

4. Click Send.

5. You'll receive an email to finish the interview setup in Click Setup Interview.

6. The Setup new interview windows is displayed in

Notice that an on-demand interview option is selected by default. Learn more about on-demand and live interviews.

In the Interview questions drop-down, select the interview question set. If you don't have questions set up, click the Questions icon.

7. Click Invite.

8. A candidate receives an email from with instructions to join the video interview.

9. Once the candidate completes the interview:

For on-demand interviews, the you'll receive an email notification from to watch the replay, grade the interview, and complete the scorecard. 

For live interviews, the interviewer is prompted to submit the scorecard at the end of the scheduled session.

Learn more about reviewing and grading recorded interviews.

10. Once you grade interview questions and submit the scorecard, results are posted to SmartRecruiters.

You can also click See Result in SmartRecruiters > Candidate's profile page > Assessments to see interview results.